“Sabina is so wonderful! We brought my son in for some pelvic floor issues and he was too young to do biofeedback, but Sabina was able to get us some answers without any invasive procedures and to help us figure out some diet changes which were priceless. If you have ANY pelvic floor issues, I highly recommend Sabina, she knows her stuff, she truly cares about her patients, and she’s extremely affordable.”

“Sabina observed me walking in distress during a swim meet. She approached me about my injury, and then told me about a therapy called “Dry Needling.” To say that I was a skeptic was an understatement. I had done several sessions of acupuncture where I experienced very slow improvements. After Sabina’s first treatment dry needling I felt an immediate relief. I have gone for two additional treatments and the results have been nothing short of amazing. This is a 8 year-old injury that I have endured, so I can’t expect an overnight cure, but I am a believer! My pain level before treatment was about a 7 out of 10. Today as I type this recommendation I am at a 0. Under intense usage the pain may rise to about a 3, maybe a 4 after standing for 4 hours straight. But the recovery is much quicker. I have another appointment in a week and fully expect additional improvement. Dry Needling from His Therapy is for real! Thank you Sabina!!!”~DG

​“When I first heard of Pelvic Floor Therapy I have to admit I was very confused. At best I imagined this was something useful for a postpartum woman, but I have to say, Sabina and her team are amazing therapists! She brings relief to clients suffering from conditions that have plagued them for a long time. So many men, women, and children have issues they have sought many different treatments for to no avail. Amazing what she does to help so many different folks in such a short amount of time. A true gem!” ​~LB

Sabina Weaver is great. I was having terrible shin splints, and she recommended that I try dry needling. I was hesitant at first because I’m not a fan of needles. After one session, I immediately noticed a difference and scheduled another appointment only a couple days later.

After two sessions, I was able to run again without any pain in my legs…for the first time in a long time. I highly recommend visiting Sabina at His Therapy for dry needling. ​~AK

Good Morning…..had to let you know that apparently the needles did something rather positive to my knee because it has much improved since I saw you yesterday morning. In fact, I did not need to take any pain meds since yesterday morning. Have not needed to put ice on the knee as well. I will keep you informed as to how the knee pain is in the next couple of days. The pain level is about a 4 where it has been closer to a 7/8 and higher. This is definitely a God-thing that is happening around here. Praise You Jesus. In His Grip…. ~ J

An insured patient was seen for outpatient surgery. The patient was referred for rehab therapy and three months later received a bill in the mail for over $600.00 for therapy services. No one warned the patient about insurance issues to cover the therapy.

This patient is now treated at His Therapy because we will never invoice you after your therapy. We do not send bills. Charges are paid at time of service and all surprise bills are eliminated.

“If you are willing to pay a massage therapist, why hesitate to pay cash for services provided by a master’s level skilled Physical Therapist?” ~ D

“Following a hysterectomy, I developed what could only be described as an iron band in my vagina, causing intercourse to be painful and then impossible. For the past 5 years, my husband and I were unable to have sex.

We didn’t know what was happening, and the gynecologists I consulted were perplexed. I eventually, through an online group called HysterSisters and further online research, learned that treatments with a pelvic therapist may help. I had never heard of pelvic therapy before!

With much prayer, I decided to attend a meeting at His Therapy, and the information presented there gave me hope that my condition was treatable. I began seeing Sabina Weaver for therapy, and she opened my eyes to what was happening to me…my pelvic wall muscles were involuntarily tightening up, preventing intercourse. With only four sessions with Sabina, I was able to resume intercourse with my very patient and how thrilled husband!

I believe it was God who sent me to Sabina. I thank Him and her for getting my life back and making me feel like a woman again. I thought I was done with intercourse forever, and that was a depressing thought. Thank you, Sabina, for the life-changing therapy you provide!”~ by Anonymously “Happy in Greer”

​”I want to take a moment to really promote this wonderful physical therapist, Sabina Weaver! Our daughter has struggled heavily with encopresis and constipation, also resulting in anxiety from both her and us as parents. With three treatments, Jordyn has gained a level of control and self-confidence that we have never seen before! If your child has issues with incontinence with bowel and/or bladder, frequent accidents, or even difficulty understanding how their body works, please consider this!!!! She has a passion for this area of care, and is VERY knowledgeable and patient! I would love to talk to you about it further if you have questions!”​~ Emilee

“Hello, Let me start with the word Blessed. I injured my back in 2006, after two surgeries and Dr’s who think that they can heal you by giving you a bottle of pills and sending you on your way a Brother told me about Sabina. I drove to her office limped in and introduce myself. The next day she went to work with utmost compassion, I left sore but I walked let me say again WALKED back to the truck. This sweet lady is in my opinion a true God sent. The pain that I have endured not only effected me but also my FAMILY. I now am able to do and go, no not like I am 20 again but able to enjoy LIFE. Please if you are tired of being drugged and being treated with no compassion, GO SEE THIS WONDERFUL LADY. May all who read this be Blessed by what this old country boy is trying to say. AMEN!” ~ Jeff

​”I recommend Sabina to all my expectant and postpartum childbirth students. She is so skilled and caring!~ Julie B.

​”Sabina is fantastic. She considers the whole body in your treatment. As an athlete I am extremely grateful for her flexible and quick response to my needs. She is also a great dry needling therapist. I have seen several therapists in the Upstate for dry needling and I am grateful to have found Sabina!”~ Abby

“I am 57 years old and have had IBS-D for 30 to 40 years. No Doctor has EVER really listened to my symptoms. Sabina gave me some simple advice that has helped me tremendously. She is full of energy. She truly listens and cares for her patients!!!”~ Shannon

​”Listen I had suffered for 2 years with my back until I started therapy at His Therapy. Between the training, dry needling, and other therapy treatments I had a lot of relief. I would highly recommend to anyone suffering with pain to sign up for a session.”​~ Susan

“Sabina is a caring therapist. I have not had needling before but with one session, helped my hip tremendously. Thank you.”~ Janet

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Sabina. She is a highly skilled professional who can help you feel better. I went specifically for dry needling for a shoulder and neck issue and after one session I was amazed with the relief and improvement. She is a professional that you can trust to work with you and help you get past the pain and find relief. ” ~ Jennifer

​”Thank you so much for everything! I’m feeling so much better! I’ve been sleeping with a soft rolled blanket like you said and heating pad. It’s still a little tight when I stretch right to left but NOTHING compared to what it was. So you healed me friend! Sabina suggested dry needling and it is by far one of the best things I’ve done for my back pain! Sabina thank you for squeezing me into your schedule.” ~ Kayla

​”I can sneeze and cough and laugh without fear again! I have bragged about Sabina and passed her info to all of my friends! Going to a physical therapist for the sneezy-pees makes for a funny story but it is incredible how many ladies suffer from the same, thought kegels were their only option, and are just trying to live with it. Thank you Sabina!” ~ Lisa

“I have had 9 treatments using the dry needling technique done by Sabina Weaver. Before this,I had 3 years of chiropractic treatments.I could not turn over in bed withoutgrabbing hold of the mattress, shooting pain would travel from my sciatic area, following a path to the top of my foot. Standing too long at a mirror or in the kitchen would bring great pain. Walking and doing gardening had to be at a minimum.Now, I am virtually pain free and able to continue doing the things I’ve enjoyed all my life.Sabina has truly brought my life back and I am forever grateful.” ~ MAG

​”As a client of Sabina Weaver, I can not tell you how much she has changed my outlook on life and well-being.I have Pudenda Nerve Pain caused from many falls and injuries to the left side of my pelvis.I came to her after exhausting doctor after doctor, pain pills, pain clinics and every “witch doctor” remedy I could think of.With her experience in dealing with Pelvic Floor problems and injuries I was able to cope with the pain.She is so knowledgeable, assuring and wise beyond her years. I cannot say anything but good things about her personality, caring and brilliant knowledge about Physical Therapy.There are very few Pelvic Floor Therapists in South Carolina and we are so lucky to have Sabina in our area.I drive from Greenwood for her services and she has helped me so much.This pain I have is not something that will go away, but with her help I can now manage my pain and control it without pills.” ~ Dot

“I saw Sabina Weaver for physical therapy and it changed my life! I am a mother & wife, and stayed in bed most of the time due to chronic pain. Physical therapy helped me regain control of my life and my body. She helped me, and taught me how to help myself. For these reasons, I am forever grateful! I have recommended others to her, and will continue to do so. Thank you Sabina!” – Melissa