August Newsletter

Welcoming the newest member to our team!
Kelly Madeira, a massage therapist who graduated Greenville Technical College in May of 2018 with honors says:
“I love people dearly, my interest and passion in alternative healthcare is ever-increasing, and my love language has always been physical touch.  I find the art of touch one of the most powerful God-given forms of healing we as human beings possess, and I see it lacking and abused so much in today’s society.  To be able to serve a community that is overworked, stressed and hurting through massage is a privilege and great responsibility to me.  It is a responsibility I hope to live up to well, and a lifestyle I hope to always lead by example.”
Follow her wellness blog at to learn more and call or text her at (864) 593-0905 to schedule an appointment!

Now Selling Arbonne
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Buy the book Clear Focus by Dr. Stephen Reel!
All proceeds from the book go to missions in India, led by the Association of Christian Schools International.

We invite you to enjoy our new warm up area in the office. As a patient of His Therapy, you are welcome to and encouraged to use our equipment while waiting for an appointment. There is equipment such as medicine balls, yoga mats, stretching bands, and more. If you are unsure which exercises would be best for you, ask at your next appointment.

ry Needling, Myofascial Release Treatments, and UV Lamp Treatments will meet your expectations and more.    

This patient shown in pictures is being treated for right heel pain that causes trouble with many daily tasks such as walking. He was not able to walk without pain for seven years. Now after “only” three sessions of dry needling he has been able to walk with no pain and has full mobility of his leg.

Dry needling is a relatively new technique developed to relieve muscle pain and promote flexibility. These small stainless-steel needles are usually inserted into trigger points or knots in the muscles in order to release pain and tightness.

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