New Years Pelvic IQ Quiz

1. When you get past a “certain age” is it normal to wear protection pads?
2. When you sneeze or cough do you experience leakage?
3. It is normal to have pain with intercourse?
4. Do you strain or experience pelvic pressure during bowel movements?
5. Is changing your diet not helping your bowel issue?
6. Do you have difficulty making it to the bathroom in time?
7. Do you experience pain in your tailbone during sitting?

1. Are you experiencing prostate problems?
2. Do you suffer with Penile/scrotal/perineal pain?
3. Are you trying to control Urinary urgency/frequency?
4. Do you struggle with ED?
5. Are your bowel movements painful or delayed?
6. Do you suffer genital/bladder pain after bowel movements?

1. Does your child wet the bed at night?
2. Is your child constipated? 
3. Is your child struggling to make it to the bathroom in time? 

If you answered YES to even one of these questions, please give His Therapy a call at (864) 534-1780 to schedule a 15 minute consultation and find out how we can help you! Do not suffer one more year! Let’s make this a very Happy New Year and a New You! 

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