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What is Pelvic floor therapy?

Pelvic floor physical therapy is a specialty involving the evaluation and treatment of problems that are often related to the pelvis. This includes pelvic, sacroiliac and low back pain, urinary problems like incontinence or difficulty voiding, bowel problems like constipation and bowel leakage, and sexual problems like pain or discomfort with sexual activity. These conditions often include involvement of the pelvic floor muscles, a group of muscles that form a bowl in the bottom of the pelvis. These muscles run from the pubic bone to the tailbone, and play a role in urinary, bowel and sexual function as well as support and stability of the pelvis and spine. 

Our Process

Pelvic floor therapy starts with a comprehensive evaluation that not only allows us to understand your story and the specific (often very personal) problems you are experiencing, but also allows us to perform a comprehensive exam to get to the root of the problem—not simply treat the symptoms! From here, we establish a treatment program that can include a combination of education, skilled manual therapy, and specific exercises to help you overcome whatever challenges you are dealing with. We help people stop leaking. Start using the bathroom comfortably again. Overcome pelvic pain. Get back to pain-free sex. Sit comfortably again. And much, much more! Click here to read more about our treatment approach.

Our Treatment Approach