Greetings from His Therapy

Happy Summer Greetings from HIS Therapy!

The weather has turned uncharacteristically wet, damp and overcast as of late for this month so far yet we hope that everyone has been enjoying a reprieve from the typical heat and humidity which is sure to return.

A few opportunities that are noteworthy at this time.

The Bed Wetting Boot Camp […]

February 2018 Newsletter

His Therapy Edition 1, Volume 2 February is the month for love and many enjoy private dinners, roses, chocolates and romance. Did you know without a strong pelvic floor physical intimacy can be uncomfortable, unenjoyable, and frustrating?  Statistics say that one-third of our population experiences pelvic floor dysfunction affecting their quality of life. “People tend […]

Preventing and Treating Stress Incontinence

Stress incontinence is a condition, usually in women, in which you involuntarily urinate when pressure in the abdomen increases suddenly, as in coughing or jumping. This tends to happen because the pelvic floor muscles have been weakened or damaged, causing the bladder to leak. The two biggest causes of stress incontinence are menopause and damage […]