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About His Therapy

His Therapy, LLC was founded by Sabina Kapasi , PT, CEO in August of 2015. Sabina is a leader in the field and one of the most experienced pelvic health therapists in the upstate, having over 20 years of experience. His Therapy is a unique in that we focus solely on treating pelvic health problems in both genders and in any age. We treat men, women and children with pelvic health problems. We believe that our goals for therapy are centered around our client’s goals.  We work closely with our patients to create individualized programs that truly address the needs of each person and take our time to develop relationships that allow us to form these programs.

Our Mission

We are very involved in our community and assist with free workshops, integrating our services with physicians in town, working together with midwives and doulas on teaching the upstate community about the importance of pelvic health and wellness. His Therapy has a faith based focused which allows our patients a means of both physical and spiritual healing that is needed..

Your Goals are our Goals

Some of the important functions that we help our patients obtain may be being able to exercise without bladder leakage, play sports without leakage, sit with no pain, work with no pelvic pain, go through their pregnancy with more function, part partum relief and rehab as well improve function for those patients who have had prostate cancer or other pelvic surgeries