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We aid in addressing the pain in the Pelvic, Genital Or Tailbone and More areas

We address pain at its core

For some people, this can manage chronic pelvic pain. Physical therapy can involve more than learning helpful stretches and relaxation techniques, and getting a massage. It also can include procedures that treat pain.

For example, a physical therapist might find stiff areas in tissue that are linked with pelvic pain. The therapist can then stretch and put pressure on these areas to loosen them up. This is called myofascial release.

Sometimes, physical therapists target specific points of pain with a medical device called transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. This sends low-voltage electric currents to nearby nerves.

Physical therapists also may use a psychology technique called biofeedback. This helps you become aware of areas where your muscles are tight, so you can learn to relax those areas.

Some people also get pain relief from a procedure called dry needling. The therapist places very thin needles into and around stiff, sensitive areas tied to pain called trigger points.