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At His Therapy we address the issues that can cause distress around sexual intimacy.

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Pelvic therapy can help those with sexual intimacy issues

Pelvic therapy offers significant benefits for enhancing sexual intimacy, particularly for those experiencing discomfort, pain, or dysfunction during sexual activities. These issues are often rooted in the condition of the pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic therapy focuses on strengthening and relaxing these muscles, which can lead to improved sexual function. The therapy involves exercises that enhance muscle tone, flexibility, and control, contributing to better sexual experiences. Additionally, pelvic therapists may use techniques like manual therapy to address muscle tension and scar tissue, which can be especially beneficial for postpartum women or those who have undergone pelvic surgeries. Education on relaxation techniques and body awareness also plays a crucial role in this therapy, aiding individuals in understanding and responding to their body's signals during sexual activity. By addressing these physical and psychological aspects, pelvic therapy can lead to increased comfort, reduced pain, and a more fulfilling sexual life.