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Bed Wetting

We got the opportunity to do a segment on Mommy Matters on Fox News this weekend on bed-wetting. We wanted to share the tips that we discussed on the segment with you! 

Bed-wetting: What do you do to help children get through this?
•    Education- anatomy and physiology
•    Counseling parents and the child regarding voiding and drinking habits
•    Toilet posturing 
•    Positive motivation of the child and parents
•    BIOFEEDBACK – method of allowing the child to see the EMG tracing of the pelvic floor muscle contraction and relaxation in a fun manner tailored specifically for children
Food or physical changes you recommend-
•    Typical America diet lacks fiber
•    Children often don’t drink enough water to maintain a healthy bladder
•    Bladder irritants- caffeine and sugar
•    Sedentary lifestyles and obesity are huge contributing factors to urinary dysfunction and bedwetting
Advice for parents who are struggling with this issue
•    You are not alone in this- research shows 5 million children in the US wet their bed
•    Every child is different and may need a different treatment plan- seek advice, research and ask questions. 
•    Go with your gut instinct- no one knows your child better than you
•    Research shows pelvic floor therapy is an effective treatment option. If you’ve not tried it, consider it!