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Bed Wetting

We got the opportunity to do a segment on Mommy Matters on Fox News this weekend on bed-wetting. We wanted to share the tips that we discussed on the segment with you! 

Bed-wetting: What do you do to help children get through this?
•    Education- anatomy and physiology
•    Counseling parents and the child regarding voiding and drinking habits
•    Toilet posturing 
•    Positive motivation of the child and parents
•    BIOFEEDBACK – method of allowing the child to see the EMG tracing of the pelvic floor muscle contraction and relaxation in a fun manner tailored specifically for children
Food or physical changes you recommend-
•    Typical America diet lacks fiber
•    Children often don’t drink enough water to maintain a healthy bladder
•    Bladder irritants- caffeine and sugar
•    Sedentary lifestyles and obesity are huge contributing factors to urinary dysfunction and bedwetting
Advice for parents who are struggling with this issue
•    You are not alone in this- research shows 5 million children in the US wet their bed
•    Every child is different and may need a different treatment plan- seek advice, research and ask questions. 
•    Go with your gut instinct- no one knows your child better than you
•    Research shows pelvic floor therapy is an effective treatment option. If you’ve not tried it, consider it!

Is Your Elementary Age Child Bed Wetting? We Can Help

Summer is right around the corner, which means longer days, sleep overs, and summer camps! Is your child ready or is bed wetting restricting them from these experiences? Often times bed wetting can be significantly reduced with pelvic floor training along with dietary and behavior counseling. With only a few visits, your child can learn to have more control of their bladder and you both can get a more restful night’s rest. Call us today for an appointment!

Stop Bedwetting

Dear Moms,

Did you know that research shows 5 million children in the US wet their bed? This is an astonishing number, and we don’t want this to be your child. That’s why at His Therapy our physical therapist will work with you and your child to encourage and help stop the bed-wetting. Throughout treatment your child will receive education, counseling, toilet posture, positive motivation, and biofeedback- a method of allowing the child to see the EMG tracing of the pelvic floor muscle contraction and relaxation in a fun manner tailored specifically for children. Don’t let your child suffer. Research shows that pelvic floor therapy is an effective option, so if you haven’t tried it please consider. Do not hesitate to call us for more information, or to schedule an appointment. We would be happy to help.


Are your kids going to camp or just having fun at home with mom and dad this summer? Are you nervous they may wet their bed at camp or at a sleep over with friends? You’re not alone, between five to seven million kids wet their beds on a regular basis. Don’t let this fear keep your kids from having the best summer ever. 
Pelvic Floor Therapy along with education on bedwetting and dietary needs has been proven to help. 
Come in today for a personalized consultation and training plan! 
His Therapy is now offering a special of 3 one hour long sessions for only $299 through August!

Children and Bedwetting

Sadly, bed-wetting in the United States is a common problem among children that affects 5 million kids.  If your child suffers from this problem do not fear! His Therapy is here to help and will walk beside you to resolve this embarrassing problem your child may experience.  His Therapy creates a fun, motivating, and exciting treatment plan that educates, councils, encourages, and offers biofeedback.  Biofeedback traces the contraction and relaxation of the muscles that surround the pelvic floor using electromyography (EMG). Pelvic physical therapy has been shown to be an effective treatment method for those struggling with bed-wetting.  We would love to answer any questions that you may have, so for more information or to schedule an appointment, call His Therapy at 864-534-1780 today!