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Men’s Pelvic Health

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It’s important, too!

Pelvic Health is a vulnerable subject for both men and women, whether you are talking about it, dealing with it on your own, or getting treated. We have noticed that men tend to feel more vulnerable then women in this area! Men’s pelvic health has a history of being overlooked, but it is far past time for that to stop. Your pelvic floor supports so many of your organs, and is vital in keeping your body healthy! 


What is your Pelvic Floor, anyways?

Your pelvic floor is a big group of muscles, ligaments, connective tissues, and nerves that are all working together to provide stable support and help your organs (especially pelvic organs) function. If your pelvic floor is out of alignment or injured, it causes a chain reaction of pain and issues that will continue to grow worse if untreated. Like all muscles in your body, your pelvic floor muscles need to be exercised in correct form to prevent injury. Weak pelvic floor muscles leave you prone to injury and dysfunction!


What are some symptoms?

One reasons men’s health can be overlooked is because sometimes symptoms are mistaken for being normal. If you experience any of the following symptoms, we can help! You don’t have to go another day just dealing with it.

  1. Pelvic Pain
  2. Painful bowel movement
  3. Painful, urgent, or frequent urination
  4. Anxiety about intercourse
  5. Sharp, stabbing cramps 
  6. Lower back pain
  7. Leakage
  8. Constipation

What are some conditions connected to these symptoms?

If one or more of those symptoms applies to you, take a look at what conditions/injuries they are related to:

  1. Erectile Dysfunction
  2. Chronic Prostatitis 
  3. Testicular Pain Syndrome 
  4. Penile Pain Syndrome
  5. Post-Prostatectomy incontinence
  6. Nocturia (frequent urination at night)
  7. Constipation

You’re not alone!

Pelvic Floor dysfunction is common, and very treatable! Whether you have been dealing with it for months or days, it is extremely difficult on your own. His Therapy understands what a sensitive subject this is, and we’re here for you. Our pelvic floor specialist, Sabina, has over 22 years of experience! She knows every body is unique, and will treat it as such. One third of Sabina’s patients are men, and they are proof that you will see results and improvement in 3 sessions or LESS!


What will treatment be like for me?

First of all, Sabina will only ever do what you are comfortable with! In your first appointment, she will sit down with you and get to know your history, symptoms, and what you’re nervous about! Sabina will take your symptoms and history, and evaluate you based off of that. She will then create a treatment plan that is completely personalized to YOU. And remember, she doesn’t just treat your symptoms, she will find the root of the symptoms and treat that – which will get rid of your symptoms and underlying issues! Here are some of the methods she will integrate into her treatment plans:

  1. Biofeedback

  2. Manual Therapy (hands on)

  3. Myofascial Release

  4. Dry Needling

  5. Exercises to stabilize