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How Diet May Affect Your Bladder

Although there is no particular “diet” that can cure bladder control there are certain dietary suggestions you can use to help to control the problem. Many people with bladder control problems decrease their intake of liquids in hope that they will need to urinate less frequently or have less urinary leakage. While a decrease in  […]

Keeping A Record Of Your Bladder Function

HOW TO KEEP YOUR BLADDER DIARY  The main purpose of the bladder diary is to document how your bladder functions. A diary can give your health care provider an excellent picture of your bladder functions, habits and patterns. The diary is first used as an evaluation tool. Later, it is used to measure your progress. […]

Maintaining Your Bladder Control Exercise Program

Once you have gained acceptable control of your bladder problem , you must exercise regularly to maintain your muscle strength and control. This is usually between 30-80 pelvic floor exercises through the day . If you stop exercising you may regress to your prior level of control. Use your pelvic floor muscles subconsciously and habitually […]

Dietary Tips For Your Bladder

While there is no particular “diet” that can cure  bladder control there are some dietary suggestions   that we believe can be helpful to your bladder. It is important that you do not decrease your intake   of fluids without the advice of your physician.  Highly concentrated, dark yellow urine is irritating to   the bladder surface and […]