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Maintaining Your Bladder Control Exercise Program

Once you have gained acceptable control of your bladder problem , you must exercise regularly to maintain your muscle strength and control. This is usually between 30-80 pelvic floor exercises through the day . If you stop exercising you may regress to your prior level of control. Use your pelvic floor muscles subconsciously and habitually throughout the day. Here’s a review of important ways to keep the gains you’ve made.
1. Always remember to tighten your pelvic floor muscles during physical stress, i.e. 
Before lifting or bending
Before going up or down stairs
Before cough or sneeze
Before going from sitting to standing
2. Use the pelvic floor muscles subconsciously and habitually throughout the day. Exercise your pelvic floor muscles during routine daily activities, i.e
Waiting in line
After using the toilet
Stopping at traffic light
While watching television
While taking medication
3. Pelvic Floor Exercise Program Summary
Endurance Contraction- Keeping your holding power
Hold for 10 seconds , relax for 10 seconds. Repeat ___ times per day.
Your goal for repetition is that each one feels like the one before.
Quick Flicks- Quickly contracting and relaxing the muscles
Tighten the pelvic floor with a strong ,rapid contraction then relax for 2 sec.
Repeat ____ times per day
4. Exercise your abdominal muscles to they continue to gain strength  to support your internal organs.
Do your lower abdominal exercise as outline bu your therapist
Do lower abdominal and pelvic floor muscles exercise together (the pelvic brace) as outlined by therapist.