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Keeping A Record Of Your Bladder Function

The main purpose of the bladder diary is to document how your bladder functions. A diary can give your health care provider an excellent picture of your bladder functions, habits and patterns. The diary is first used as an evaluation tool. Later, it is used to measure your progress. Please complete a bladder diary every day for 2 day and bring it with you to your appointment. 

In the beginning, continue to go about your diary life as normal.You are making a written record of your normal bladder patterns so please avoid making any changes in your bladder routines. Your diary will be much more accurate if you fill it out as you go through the day. It can be very difficult to remember at the end of the day exactly what happened in the morning. The diary plays an important part in your health care provider’s ability to understand your problem and should not be taken lightly.

Also, if possible , remember to change your pad or clothing whenever you feel yourself leaking or notice that you are damp. A dry pad or pair of underwear will increase your awareness or problems  and improve the accuracy of your record. 

Column 1- Type & Amount of Fluid Intake & Food Intake:
Record the type and amount of fluid you drank(in Ounces).
The type and amount of food you ate.
Note the hour you went to sleep and when you woke up for the day. 

Column2- Amount voided(Urinated:
Write the amount of urine voided in ounces in the box at the appropriate time interval for each time you urinate during the day. 

Column 3- Amount of Leakage:
SMALL=drop or two of urine
MEDIUM= Wet underwear
LARGE= wet outerwear or floor