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Instructions For Controlling Urinary Urge

When you experience an urge to urinate: 

First            Stop and stand very still.  Sit down if you can or stand quietly.  Do not move; try to stay                           very still to maintain control. 

Second        Quickly squeeze and let go of your pelvic floor muscles 5 to 6 times to keep from leaking.                       Use moderate to maximal effort for the exercise.  This sends a message to the bladder to                        relax and hold urine.  Try to distract yourself by thinking of something other than going                         to the bathroom. 
Third          Relax.  Take a deep belly or diaphragmatic breath and let it out slowly.  Try to make the                           urge to urinate go away by continuing with distraction techniques and positive thoughts. 

Finally       If the urge returns,  repeat the above steps to regain control. When you feel the urge                               subside somewhat,  walk normally to the bathroom.  Do not rush.   Continue to do your                           quick flicks to relax the bladder.  You can urinate once the urge has subsided.