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5 Main Benefits of Sitting on an Exercise Ball

Why should you switch from an office chair to sitting on an exercise ball, you ask?  We’ll tell you why.
It relieves low back pain.
As the office manager of His Therapy, I can genuinely say I was starting to get low back pain from sitting in an office chair for 6+ hours each day.  This was when I grabbed one of our exercise balls, and I will never go back! 
     2.  It tones core muscles.
With an exercise ball, you are no longer relying on the back of a chair to keep you propped up.  Instead, you must engage your core to maintain balance (this will happen subconsciously), which will lead to an increase in overall core strength! 
     3.  It burns extra calories.
How can you not bounce up and down when you sit on an exercise ball?  It’s the only exercise in the office you can do while you take phone calls, send emails, and do all your online marketing!  Even as I’m typing up this blog post, I’m bouncing!
     4.  It’s CHEAPER!
The best size ball for your office is anywhere from 68-75 cm. and can be found on Amazon for only $16.99!
     5.  It is AWESOME for your pelvic floor health.

Ask our His Therapy staff to order your exercise ball the next time you come in; it will be shipped to us in the next two business days and will be ready and waiting at our office for you when you return for your follow-up treatment! 🙂