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How Can a detox Improve My Life?

Are you beginning your new years resolutions or trying to figure out what resolution would be best for you? Do you want to become happier? Healthier? Full of energy? Why not try a detox!
What is a detox?
A detox is a process that helps rid the body of waste, toxins, and unhealthy substances that have built up in our system over many years. Many times detoxing your body will help you learn what your body likes, dislikes, and create rewarding habits so you can lead a happier, healthier lifestyle. Now you may be wondering what are some of the benefits of detoxing the body. 
Weight loss and management 
More energy 
Better immune system 
Improved bowel and bladder 
Improved thinking
Clearer skin 
Signs your body is telling you to detox
Digestive distress
You have allergies all the time 
Although eating clean, you don’t feel healthy  
Skin problems 
You’re always tired 
Constantly stressed 
You struggle losing weight 
You’re sleep patterns are off

One way to make sure you reach your goals is to keep a detailed diary of your food and bathroom habits. If you’re like me, I can hardly remember what I ate last night for dinner, let alone all my bathroom habits. This will help you and your clinician view your habits and make a plan best fit for you. So for your new years resolution, start a detox today and give your body the love it deserves.