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How and Why Did I become a Pelvic Floor Therapist

I graduated from PT school in 1998 with my Masters.  Jobs were hard to find during that time and I struggled for months without employment. I finally landed an interview in a small hospital for a women’s health director in Sylva, NC in 1999.  I was given a description about the program and expectations of women’s health. I had no prior experience but felt very pulled towards the job. The director sent me to a course in Tennessee and that was  my first time ever being introduced to the pelvic floor. It was quite a long weekend performing pelvic floor examinations and learning so much. 

Despite my lack of experience, it did not scare me away from the field. In fact, I was very comfortable with both the exams and treatment. I clearly had landed into the part of physical therapy that became a part of my life. Even now, after 17 years it the most rewarding type of therapy that I provide.

I love the every part of being a pelvic floor therapist. I enjoy working with all the different types of patients that come for therapy:

  *The geriatric patients who suffer with bladder and bowel dysfunction.
  *The young athletes who are unable to perform their sport secondary to UI dysfunction.
  *The young children and parents who are dealing with bedwetting and other bladder  and bowel issues
   *Couples who are not able to have to have intercourse secondary to pain.
   *Men who are dealing with having urinary problems secondary to prostate cancer

In just a few visits patients see amazing results and are able to have more control and less pain with everyday function. It is truly so rewarding for me to see the happiness that is created in the lives of my patients and hope that they are able to receive.

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