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We Recommend Spanx

We recommend Spanx because: 
1) It helps to teach you how to maintain a neutral spine position 
2) it can help decrease back pain 
3) it promotes a pelvic brace posture 
4) it can help decrease pelvic pressure and pain
5) it can decrease and prevent disastasis recti post partum 
6) it can improve body mechanics and posture by tactile cues and compression 
7) it can decrease coccyx or pubic pain
8) Spanx are very affordable 

As wonderful as Spanx are to us they are not the only way to prevent the above. You must also strengthen your core and pelvic floor muscles. We are able to help with that. Come to our office for a pelvic floor assessment and we can teach you how to prevent and how to strengthen your core and pelvic floor muscles.