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Medication Which May Contribute To Incontinence

Some Medications can cause a change in urinary function. It is important to know all of the medications you are taking, whether prescribed by a physician or purchased over the counter drugs. It is also a good idea to keep track of any changes in your urinary habits once you begin to take a new medication. Your Daily Voiding Diary will help you keep track of this information. Here are some bladder side effects from common medications: 

MEDICATION                                                                       BLADDER SIDE EFFECTS
Diuretics                                                                      Frequency, urgency

Sedative                                                                      Urinary leakage            
Alcoholic Beverages                                                   Less desire to use the toilet
Pain Relievers

Anticholinergics                                                           Frequent urination
Over the Counter Cold Drugs                                      Weak flow of urine
Antipsychotics                                                             Leakage between voids

Alpha adrenergic agonist                                           Urinary retention
         (Drugs used for stress Incontinent)                            Frequency, leakage
                                                                                            Weak flow of urine