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Importance of Post Partum Pelvic Floor Eval

Ok ladies, let’s talk pelvic floor. As women, we are often so busy taking care of everyone else- our husbands, children, elderly parents, Susie down the street- we often neglect ourselves and our bodies. Many of us haven’t given a second thought to our pelvic floor since we first learned about it.. You know, that group of muscles that hold our organs INSIDE our bodies and helps them function properly! So we have a baby, or two, or three or more, and we notice we don’t have control over our bladders like we did pre-baby (or babies), our abdominal muscles don’t work as they once did, or even something more significant like pelvic prolapse. We get our oil changed regularly in our cars, we take our kids to their wellness visits, why don’t we give our bodies that kind of special attention? There are many affects pregnancy and delivery may have on our body that we think may be just part of it all, but we DON’T have to live with them. So whether you had a baby a week ago or 10 years ago, it is important to have a pelvic health physical therapist evaluate your pelvic floor to determine whether you have weakness or damage to your pelvic floor that can lead to significant complications in the future.