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Pelvic Floor Therapy and Where to Go for Help

Are You Dealing with PELVIC FLOOR Pain And Don’t Know Who To Call? CALL US! HIS THERAPY

We specialize in pelvic floor therapy for MEN, WOMAN and CHILDREN.

Pelvic floor therapy is a unique specialty of Physical Therapy which re-trains and strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor and core musculature. Pelvic floor therapists will work with those who suffer from all sorts of pelvic floor problems including urinary incontinence, frequency and urgency, as well as constipation and other bowel problems, pelvic pain with intercourse, and PRE-natal and POST-natal discomforts.

Sabina Weaver, MSPT provides specialized treatments including dry needling, biofeedback, myofascial release and pelvic floor therapy to meet each individual’s needs,
Mind, Body and Spirit.

Call us for a pelvic floor assessment to get you back on track! 864-534-1780