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Pelvic Floor Therapy For Men

Pelvic Floor Therapy Is For Men Too!

Pelvic floor physical therapy was, historically, prescribed for women who, after a few pregnancies, tend to leak urine.

But men can leak, too, especially after surgery for prostate cancer. Men can also suffer from chronic pelvic pain. Physical therapy specific to the pelvic floor muscles can provide relief.

Two of the main symptoms that men would seek out pelvic floor physical therapy are incontinence (inability to control urination) and pelvic pain.

Incontinence typically stems from problems with a man’s prostate gland. If he has an enlarged prostate (common condition as men age) the prostate can pinch the urethra. Then the bladder has to work harder to push urine out when it needs to empty, the bladder muscles thicken and become overactive. The result: leaking urine.

Men who have had surgery for prostate cancer will most likely have incontinence, at least temporarily, after their surgery.  Men who receive radiation therapy for prostate cancer may also experience incontinence.

Chronic, ongoing pelvic pain can come from the bladder, rectum or prostate. Pain tends to make muscles tighten up, like a constant cramp, and this becomes an uncomfortable cycle: pain leads to muscle tension, which causes more pain.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or have questions, please contact our office for more information and/or  to schedule your pelvic floor assessment today!

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