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Can Diet and Lack of Rest Cause Pelvic Pain

YES your diet and lack of rest can cause your pelvic pain!

Found a great website with a lot of great information. Tracy Sher is an amazing PT and has a ton of information about pelvic floor health. She has an article about nutrition and how what we eat will effect your pain. Please take a look at it.

Three things she mentions in this blog I totally agree with: 

“Consider an elimination diet to see if you are sensitive to or allergic to any of the most common food allergens.”                            I have my patient’s go through a 1 to 2 week detox period to try to find out what they may be sensitive to which is similar to what she describes on this blog. We all have certain foods and drinks that we are sensitive to and the only way we can truly know what these are is by getting rid of possible irritants then slowly bringing them back into our diet to see how we react to them.
“Once you figure out if you are sensitive to any foods, then you can eliminate them from your diet and begin to heal your digestive system.  Your digestive system is key to your overall health.”                                       Very true! I also believe this to be true. Probiotics and natural foods and herbs are very important to put into our diets. I am from India and growing with a very traditional Indian diet I realize how those herbs and ingredients were and are so important. For example garlic, turmeric, onions, flax seeds, chia seeds, and cloves were used in almost all the meals. These ingredients plus many more are essential for our bodies to decrease the toxins and help with healing. Normal American diets just do not have these ingredients and more processed the meals are in this country the more unhealthy they are for us.
“Heal your hormone system.”                               In this step she discusses how sleeping and naturally healing our hormone imbalances is so important. She recommends going to sleep at 10pm and getting adequate rest every night is crucial for us to help no only digest our foods but heal our bodies. I do so agree with this as well. SLEEP and REST are so important for all of us. It can and will reduce pelvic pain!

Thank you Tracy for your information!

If you have any questions or comments on this blog, please feel free to contact me at or to 864-534-1780.