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Test Your Pelvic Health IQ

1. When you get past the age of 74 it is normal to wear protection pads.                           T or F
2. When I sneeze or cough, I pee myself.                                                                       T or F
3. Most children who bed wet are also constipated.                                                          T or F
4. Children who are bedwetters turn into adults who have incontinence.                             T or F
5. Painful intercourse happens after every childbirth.                                                        T or F
6. It is normal to wake up at night to urinate at least once.                                               T or F
7. It is ok to push or strain when you defecate (poop).                                                     T or F
8. 3 functions of the pelvic floor are sexual, sphincteric and supportive.                              T or F