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Physical Therapy can help you through Pregnancy

Pregnancy is such a joyful moment in life. From the first moments when you are able to tell all your loved ones you are expecting, to the joys of learning all the things to expect, and the journey of all the many physical changes that take place during the nine months of carrying your precious little one to be.  Did you know a physical therapist can help create good posture, strengthen the pelvic floor and lessen pain experienced during pregnancy? 

1. Posture

Good posture can improve mood, relaxation and pain experienced during those critical nine months. Having an evaluation of sitting, standing, walking, and sleeping posture can help you identify problem areas and make necessary changes to prevent pain resulting from poor posture.  Helping expectant moms learn how to bend, lift and carry can prevent injuries and keep you and your baby safe. 

2. Pelvic Floor Strength

During pregnancy the female body produces a hormone named (quite accurately) Relaxin. This hormone causes the muscles and ligaments to relax and stretch to make room for your new baby. Although important, this hormonal change can add pressure to the joints of the lower back and pelvis as they try to  carry what the pelvic floor muscles normally support and carry. This can cause inflammation and pain. Proper strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles can help the joints and ligaments support the growing baby and mitigate the pain in the pelvic area.  

3. Pain Relief 

Pain experienced during pregnancy can be mild, moderate, and sometimes severe. The pelvic girdle and and pelvis area experience some major changes as the body prepares for the birth of your little angel. It’s important to remember that the treatment is available to help the pelvic floor muscles and reduce or eliminate lower back pain. By evaluating what is causing the pain and providing physical therapy treatments, we can help you enjoy a healthy, happy pregnancy!