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Preventing Diastasis Recti

The Pelvic Brace is one of the activities you can do to prevent diastasis recti and also make your core stronger. 
How to do the pelvic brace? 
*if you go to our facebook page we actually just did a video on it so you can have a visual. 
   The pelvic brace combines a pelvic floor contraction with a contraction of the lower abdominal muscles.  Together these muscles create an internal girdle to support your bladder and pelvic organs.  To exercise the lower abdominal muscles (near the pubic bone) draw in your belly muscles as if you were trying to zip up a pair of pants that are too tight.  This brings your belly button towards your spine without moving or tilting your pelvis.  Most people find it easier to tighten the abdominals while they are exhaling or blowing out.  
Begin lying down with your knees bent and, take a diaphragmatic (belly) breath. 
As you breathe out, tighten and lift your pelvic floor muscles and keep holding them while you tighten the lower abdominals (bring your belly button towards your spine).
Hold the brace without straining for____ seconds. Repeat___times. 
Advancing the pelvic brace 
  If any of these exercises are difficult you may need additional exercises to strengthen your leg and trunk muscles. 

The pelvic brace and cough 
  Practice using the pelvic floor during a cough.  Breathe in, as you prepare to cough, bring your hand to your mouth and do the pelvic brace.  Hold the muscle and cough.  Now relax and brace.  If coughing is too much strain on your muscles try this activity while clearing your throat.  Repeat___times. 

The pelvic brace and lifting 
  Practicing using the pelvic brace during lifting. Place a lightweight object of __lbs. on a table or the floor.  Place your feet shoulder width apart and keep your back straight. Bend your knees to reach the object, do the pelvic brace and lift.  Repeat___times. 

The pelvic brace and sit to stand 
  Practice using the pelvic brace while coming to stand.  Breathe in as you prepare to stand do the pelvic brace.  Hold the muscles and stand up.  Be sure your therapist has shown you the proper technique.  Repeat ___times.