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Postnatal Pelvic Floor Therapy

Following the arrival of a new, precious baby, concerns often arise that surround the health of the infant.  Unfortunately, little attention is given to the mother with respect to her muscles that surround her pelvic floor which are now stretched. As a result, she may experience postpartum incontinence. Pelvic Floor Therapy plays an important and crucial role with postnatal health and wellness.  

Stress incontinence, which is the most common type of incontinence, is a prevalent problem occurring after childbirth.  This is because the sphincter muscles controlling urine discharge  incur some damage which can cause urine discharge with minor movement.  Pelvic floor therapists help postpartum women who are experiencing this problem by assigning exercises that help bring the muscles surrounding the pelvic floor back under control.  If you’re experiencing postpartum incontinence, please contact our office for more information and schedule your pelvic floor assessment today at 864-534-1780!